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Discover the newest outcomes of California’s in-state lottery games, such as Pick 3, Fantasy 5, Triple Twist, The Pick, Powerball, and Mega Millions. 

Explore game details, winning numbers, playing instructions, chances of winning, prize amounts, draw timetable, and past results all in one place.

Dreaming big is at the heart of what the California Lottery encourages with its slogan “imagine the possibilities”. And indeed, dreams turned into a staggering reality for one lucky individual in the state, who hit the jackpot by winning a breathtaking $2.04 billion from Powerball in November 2022. 

This monumental win is a testament to the fact that, while the lottery offers the thrill of potentially life-changing prizes, it’s more than just a game of chance.

Beyond the excitement of big wins, the California Lottery plays a crucial role in supporting the educational system. 

Since its inception in 1985, it has contributed over $26.6 billion to public schools, colleges, and universities across California. With a commitment that 87% of its sales go back to the community through prizes or educational funds, the lottery proves to be a valuable asset. 

This self-sustaining State Agency operates without the need for taxpayer dollars, underlining its effectiveness in generating revenue while fostering educational growth and opportunities.

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About California Lottery Games

In sunny California, the excitement of winning isn’t just a dream—it’s a daily possibility with our range of thrilling draw games. 

If you’re in for a quick thrill, look no further than Hot Spot, where draws happen every four minutes, keeping the adrenaline pumping. And for those eyeing life-changing jackpots, Mega Millions and Powerball are the go-to choices, with tales of success like the jaw-dropping $2 billion Powerball winner in 2022. 

As a seasoned lottery expert with over a decade of experience, I bring a deep well of knowledge to the table. From simplifying complex odds to unraveling the mysteries of different games, my expertise covers the gamut, ensuring that my content resonates with lottery enthusiasts nationwide.

With years entrenched in the lottery industry, my goal is to offer more than just information—I aim to entertain and enlighten. Whether it’s delving into the allure of massive jackpots or exploring the psychology behind playing the lottery, my writing is designed to engage readers with captivating stories and practical insights. Armed with a nuanced understanding of the lottery landscape, I endeavor to empower individuals to make informed decisions as they chase their dreams of striking it rich.

Lottery Games Details

Fantasy 5

Your chance to strike it big with daily drawings! Simply choose five numbers from 1 to 39 for each play, costing only $1. Spend $5 or more on a single ticket to receive a Fantasy 5 – 2nd Chance code, granting you an extra shot at winning. The largest Fantasy 5 jackpot ever snagged was an impressive $729,505.

Daily Derby

Experience the thrill of the race with multiple opportunities to win every day! Pick your three favorite horses and predict how long it’ll take your top horse to finish for just $2 per play. With daily drawings and numerous chances to win big, the race for the Grand Prize is on!

Daily 3

Double the drawings, triple the fun! With two chances to win daily, three playstyles, and various ways to come out victorious, Daily 3 offers plenty of excitement. Simply select your three lucky numbers from 0 to 9 for a chance to win, starting from just $1 per play.

Daily 4

More opportunities, more excitement! Enjoy daily drawings and three playstyles for increased chances of winning. Pick your favorite four numbers from 0 to 9, whether it’s your birthday or anniversary, for a shot at winning starting from $1 per play.

Hot Spot

Keep the adrenaline pumping with draws happening every four minutes! Choose anywhere from 1 to 10 Spots (number sets) to play per draw, selecting your numbers from 1 to 80. Just remember, the number of numbers you pick must match the number of Spots you choose. For instance, if you opt for a “3 Spot,” you’ll need to play three numbers.

SuperLotto Plus

Get in on the excitement with draws happening every Wednesday and Saturday, offering nine different ways to win! The jackpot starts at a whopping $7 million and keeps growing until someone claims it. Just pay $1 per line, pick five numbers from 1 to 47, and select a MEGA number from 1 to 27.


In California, you can grab some instant lottery excitement with Scratchers, also known as “scratch-offs” or “instant-win games”. They’re available at any licensed California Lottery retailer. These games come in different price ranges, from $1 to $20, and they could land you prizes as big as $5 million. If you’re eager for a quick shot at lottery luck and don’t want to wait for a drawing, Scratchers are just the ticket for you!

California Lottery Tickets

So, if you’re hanging out in the good ol’ U.S. of A. but not kicking it in California, and you wanna snag some lottery tickets, well, you gotta make the trip! You can’t just hop online and grab ’em. Nope, for SuperLotto, Fantasy 5, Daily 3 and 4, Daily Derby, Hot Spot, and all those other cool games, you gotta hit up one of the authorized stores scattered across the state. It’s a bit of a trek, but hey, the chance at a big win might just make it worth your while!

California Lottery Game Schedule (Draw and Stop) Game Draw Times Days Sales Stop Time Prize Type Numbers
1 SuperLotto Plus 7:45 PM Wednesday & Saturday 7:45 PM Jackpot 5 from 1-47 + 1 from 1-27
2 Daily 3 Midday 1:00 PM Everyday 1:00 PM Top Prize 3 from 0-9
3 Daily 3 Evening 6:30 PM Everyday 6:30 PM Top Prize 3 from 0-9
4 Daily 4 6:30 PM Everyday 6:30 PM Top Prize 4 from 0-9
5 Fantasy 5 6:30 PM Everyday 6:30 PM Jackpot 5 from 1-39
6 Daily Derby 6:30 PM Everyday 6:30 PM Jackpot 3 horses + race time
7 Powerball 7:59 PM Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 7:00 PM Jackpot 5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-26
8 Mega Millions 8:00 PM Tuesday & Friday 7:45 PM Jackpot 5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-25

Rules for California Lottery


  • You gotta be 18 or older to get in on the California Lottery action.

  • If you strike it big with more than $599 in winnings, the IRS wants to know, but don’t sweat it, California won’t dip into your pot.

  • In California, your winnings depend on how many others win too. It’s like a potluck—prizes are divided up based on the number of tickets sold and winners in each tier.

  • Want to up your Powerball game with Power Play? Sorry, no dice in California. It’s all about keeping things fair and square here.

How to Claim Prize


Hey there! So, you’ve hit the jackpot with the California Lottery—congrats! Now, when it comes to claiming your prize, here’s the scoop: you’ve got 180 days from the date of the draw to cash in, except for those big Powerball and Mega Millions wins, which give you a whole year to claim your fortune.

Now, here’s the lowdown on how to get your hands on that cash: for prizes under $599, you can swing by any California Lottery retailer, no sweat. Easy, right? 

If you’ve struck it rich with over $600 in winnings, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork, and hey, the IRS will want to know about your newfound wealth. If you prefer the personal touch, you can pop into any California Lottery District Office to claim your prize in person.

Now, sit tight because processing your claim might take about six to eight weeks. But hey, that just gives you more time to dream up all the amazing ways you’re going to enjoy your winnings!

To claim a prize by mail, send the winning ticket with your signature and the completed claim form to the following address:

California State Lottery
730 North 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

FAQs regarding a California Lottery

The main in-state lottery games in California include Pick 3, Fantasy 5, Triple Twist, The Pick, Powerball, and Mega Millions.

You can easily access the latest lottery results in California through LotteryNewsUSA, which provides swift and precise updates on California State Lotteries.

The $2.04 billion Powerball win in November 2022 signifies the life-changing potential of the California Lottery. It serves as a testament to the dreams that can become a reality through the lottery, showcasing the impact it can have on individuals' lives.

The California Lottery's slogan is "imagine the possibilities." This slogan encapsulates the ethos of the lottery, which encourages individuals to dream big and consider the endless possibilities that winning can bring.

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